Our Amplifiers

Our amplifiers are hand-assembled with an uncompromising approach to precision engineering and Scandinavian design. Every component is chosen for its ability deliver sound at its purest, including world-class triode tubes and our silver-coated wires and solder. See the Company page to learn more about our approach and why it produces exceptional amplifiers.


LARS Power Amplifier

Named after our company’s co-founder Lars Engström, LARS is our critically acclaimed power amplifier. Each unit features the world’s best components and materials, hand-selected by Lars himself, alongside our own custom parts. Timo Engström’s unique glass outer mantle design causes a chimney effect that supplies ventilation and creates a constant working temperature for the tubes and interior. It also provides aesthetic balance, protects the tubes, and symbolizes the amplifier’s ability to provide a transparent quality to voices and instruments.


View LARS Technical Specifications

The LARS is a fully balanced power amplifier that operates in class A. It has a linear construction throughout. No negative feedback is used. It is configured as two monoblock amplifiers. Each amplifier has two inputs, one balanced XLR and one unbalanced RCA connector.

LARS – Power Amplifier Monoblock
Power output at 1% THD, 1 kHz: 36W
Amplification: 26dB or 18dB (switch)
Sensitivity: 400mV for full output power
Input impedance: 40kohm
Output impedance: 4, 8 or 16 ohm
Frequency response +0dB -1dB: 10Hz – 40 kHz
THD (BW 70kHz) 100 Hz to 10 kHz, 32W:
less than 0,5%
IMD (DIN) 250 Hz / 8 kHz 4:1, 24W: less than 0.3%
Hum and noise: 70dB below full output voltage
Tubes: 2 x 300B-XLS, 2 x 6V6GT, 6188, 2 x GZ34
Mains power: 115V / 230V selectable, 50Hz – 60Hz, 200W
Dimensions (W x H x D):
300 x 500 x 380mm each
Weight per monoblock: 23kg

Download LARS manual (pdf 2.1mb)


MONICA Pre-Amp & Phono-Stage

Named after one of our favorite Swedish singers, MONICA is a fully balanced and perfectly matching pre-amplifier for the LARS. It looks simple from the outside, but inside are best-in-class components and a lifetime of engineering experience. The MONICA is controlled via our own mobile app, so you don’t need to add another remote to your table.


View MONICA Technical Specifications

The MONICA pre-amplifier has a fully balanced line stage. No negative feedback is used. The built in phono-stage has unbalanced input for Moving Magnet cartridge and balanced input over RCA connectors for Moving Coil. The phono stage is internally unbalanced. The phono input has a Mono/Stereo switch controlled from the mobile app.

In the power supply all voltages are stabilised. The filament voltage is DC. The MONICA is a two-box design. One box contains the fully analogue pre-amplification itself and the other box contains power supply and control circuits.

All input and output connectors are located on the back of the analogue unit.

The MONICA has seven inputs for each channel, three balanced XLR and three unbalanced RCA connectors plus one dedicated RCA-input for the phono-stage.

The MONICA has four outputs for each channel, two balanced XLR and two un-balanced RCA.

Pre-Amplifier & Phono stage Stereo

Line stage

Inputs: 3 balanced XLR, 3 unbalanced RCA
Outputs: 2 balanced XLR, 2 unbalanced RCA
Output voltage: 2V
Frequency response: +0/-3dB, 10Hz to 40kHz
Gain: 7 dB
THD+N: 0.03%
Hum and noise: -120 dB
Volume control: 0 to -64dB in 1 dB steps
Normal/Inverted switches
Headphone output
Stereo/Mono switch in the phono stage

Phono stage:

MM: Gain 60dB, input impedance 47kohm
MC: Gain 80dB, input impedances 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 4700 ohm selectable
Dimensions (W x H x D): 480 x 150 x 300mm each
Weight per monoblock: 14 kg

Download MONICA manual (pdf 84k)